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HELIPIX - Holographic fan

Reception area, trade show, point of sale etc
Create holograms in all circumstances


Logos, products, people, texts

The holographic helix or hologram fan is a device that simulates a holographic image (hologram).

It works in a very simple way, a propeller composed of 2 or 4 arms filled with LEDs will create an image by rotating and activating the LEDs according to specific patterns. The same principle applies when you create a circle of light by turning a flashlight.

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easy to use

Our holographic fans are very easy to configure with their mobile application or software PC and Mac  

fits everywhere

Very light they can be placed anywhere, on any wall or with one of our tripod.

Their luminous power allows an excellent rendering whatever the ambient light

guaranteed impact

The hologram always surprises and amazes, you are guaranteed to create a wow effect diffusing your logo, your products or a person in hologram




  • Diameter: 33 cm

  • Resolution : 512*512

  • Brightness : 1800 cd/m²

  • Number of LEDs / blade : 256


  • Diameter : 46,8 cm

  • Resolution : 512*512

  • Brightness : 800 cd/m²

  • Number of LEDs / blade : 256


  • Diameter : 58 cm

  • Resolution : 720*720

  • Brightness : 1800 cd/m²

  • Number of LED s/ blade : 180


  • Diameter : 65 cm

  • Resolution : 1024*1024

  • Brightness : 1400 cd/m²

  • Number of LEDs / blade : 256


  • Diameter : 78 cm

  • Resolution : 960*960

  • Brightness : 1800 cd/m²

  • Number of LEDs/ blade : 240

The size of your hologram will depend on the diameter of the fan and its resolution will depend on the number of LEDs per blade.

Our fans are controlled through an interface available on pc or app on android and Iphone mobiles, it allows to set the basic functions, convert and transfer video files in the memory of the device, connect it to a network etc.

A holographic propeller is fixed on a vertical support (wall, furniture ...) and can work continuously.

It is possible to combine several fans together in order to create a much larger hologram, the fans then function as a single device composed of several parts, it is the interface that manages this association

All our devices are CE compliant and have a 1 year warranty.


Features common to all models

  • Guarantee: all our propellers are guaranteed for 1 year 

  • Lifetime: our helipixes are designed to rotate continuously for a very long time, they have a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours

  • Communication protocol: Our propellers communicate directly with your PC or cell phone via WIFI

  • Interface: We provide mac or PC software and an IOS or android app with our propellers

  • Power supply: Our propellers are connected to 220V but operate at voltages of 12 to 24V; the maximum power used is 70W

  • File formats: our propellers accept most standard video and image formats: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, mp4, avi, rmvb, mkv, wmv, mov, flv. However, be careful, take into account the resolution of the device in order to use it to the best of its abilities.

  • Auto-start: the propeller starts automatically as soon as you plug it in

  • Timer: allows you to set a timer to stop the propeller

  • Brightness adjustment: allows you to increase or decrease the propeller's brightness

  • Angle adjustment: allows you to change the image's angle

  • cloud management: can be controlled remotely through the Internet, you can control your propeller wherever you are in the world with a simple connection, ideal if you have multiple equipped outlets for example.

  • Synchronization: connection feature with other propellers of the same model linked together to form a holographic image with no size limit.

Our accessories

Depending on the use you intend to make of your fans, especially for events, you may need protective shells, supports or flightcases, we offer a range of accessories adapted to our devices: 


Protective case

Depending on the use you will have of your fan, it may be necessary to provide a protective shell. The hull first secures the material if it is accessible to the public and thus prevents a person from injuring and damaging your propeller by trying to touch the image. Moreover, the case has the effect of considerably reducing the blast noise generated by the rotation of the propeller. It is a plus in a quiet environment like a store for example. Finally the shell will protect your device from dust and possible splashes. 

coque ronde.jpg

Round case : they are made for use of the fan attached to a wall or on a tripod. Available for all fans models.

coque exagonale.jpg

Hexagonal cases : they allow the fan to be placed on a table or shelf. Available for D30S

coque carrée.jpg

Square cases : they allow the fan to be placed on a table or shelf, or even on the floor. Available for models D50S, D60H, D65H and D78H

Others accessories

  • Base for D100 model (Allows to present the D100 model in its square cover)

Model C (1).jpg

Tripod model C 

All fan compatible

100z (2).jpg


To present the fan in their

square case

table stand 40$.jpg

Stand table

To hold a fan and its case on any table or shelf support. For D30S and D50S models only

flight case.jpg


To transport fans and their protective case safely. Available for all models


You want to know everything about holographic fans, see our articles

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