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HOLOPIX SHOWCASE - Digital showcase

Reception area, trade show, point of sale etc
Create holograms in all circumstances


premium products, mix of virtual and real

The Holopix Showcase range offers different sizes of digital displays and different customization options. Our showcases can accommodate different types of products, from the smallest to the largest, and allow the creation of a digital animation on the display itself. Ideal to present a product and give information in real time to the consumer, to stage it or make it dynamic.

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Our showcases are as easy to use as a phone or computer on windows

fits everywhere

With their sober design, they adapt to all situations for a premium rendering and a luxury highlighting of your products

guaranteed impact

The digital showcase is totally innovative, transparent screens are the future of tech, you are guaranteed to create a wow effect by enhancing your product

The digital showcase uses transparent LCD screen technology. The screen is placed on the front of the display case and acts as a protective glass, it thus makes it possible to show any information, animation, video or other things in front of the product. We can thus create a dynamic staging in order to enhance the product while leaving it in the view of the spectator through the display case.

The concept of the digital showcase can be broken down into a glass table, displays, and even a refrigerator. It is then possible to present perishable food products and highlight them.

Our digital showcases come in many sizes and are fully customizable with the brand colors of the displayed product, it is also possible to create a custom furniture to accommodate the showcase so that everything is totally coherent. The possibilities are endless.

Ideal for presenting products with high added value such as high tech appliances, perfume bottles, jewelry or watches, premium alcohol bottles etc., the digital display case will find its place in sales outlets or at trade shows.

All our devices conform to CE standards and have a 1 year warranty.



Each of our models is mainly characterized by a size expressed in inches corresponding to the surface of diffusion that the display case offers

Possible options

  • Operating system

    • Reader only

    • Android

    • Windows

  • Refrigerator

  • Touchscreen

  • Branding

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