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Holographic stickers

Authentication of documents, sealed,
certificate of conformity, works of art


Our fully customized holographic stickers and labels offer ideal counterfeiting prevention. Impossible to scan or photograph, our holographic stickers and labels are custom made for you with your logo and each image is unique, we do not use pre-printed stock on which would be simply overprinted an image, the entire design of the design is unique.

They are self-adhesive and we have added an anti-fraud security once the label or sticker is applied: if someone tries to remove it, it will leave a VOID (null) print on the support and will not be reusable

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Our stickers are custom made with your logo or text, you can choose:


  • Their color

  • Their dimensions

  • Their shape

  • Our stickers can also be uniquely numbered, have a QR code or a unique bar code

fits everywhere

  • Secure your works of art

  • Certify your documents

  • Label your limited series

  • Seal your packaging products,

  • identify your ticket offices, certify your access badges


Our stickers adapt to all situations

security guaranteed

Our stickers are infalcifiable, impossible to scan, very hard to photograph, they include an option (VOID) that make them unusable if you try to take them off and leave a print on the support. 

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For any requests, for a quote or further information, send us an email using our contact form.

We promise give you an answer within 1 business day.

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