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Holographic teleportation 

Human-sized hologram live or offline
Conferences, reception, events

The transparent LED is a solution that presents itself in the form of flexible or rigid panels that will be assembled together to create a custom screen in terms of size and format. The pitch of this screen will be voluntarily important enough to allow a sufficient spacing of the LEDs and thus guarantee the transparency of the set-up.

Interested in renting this
for an event?

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easy to use

To broadcast a recording the capsule works as a screen, just launch, the film. For live, the connection to the studio made very easily, our teams will train you to use the capsule

ideal for
live interventions

We can provide you with all the material to make live shows. In addition to the holographic retransmission capsule you will have a remote studio in which can evolve the person to retransmit.

guaranteed impact

Holograms always surprise and amaze as much, you are sure to create a wow effect by broadcasting a hologram person who can be on the other side of the world and yet interact with the public as if it were in front of him.

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