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 Holographique fabric

Events, performing arts, museums, exhibitions

The holopix-gauze is a special fabric used to capture the beam of a projector in order to reproduce the projected image on its surface. Imagine a projector placed behind an almost transparent veil, the image appears on the veil as if it were a screen, the transparency of this one makes it possible to see through the image what creates the effect hologram. This transparency also has for interest to make the veil practically invisible to the human eye what gives the impression that the image floats in mid-air.

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easy to use

Just stretch the holographic fabric, it does not wrinkle and folds very easily to store it, it is very light and very easy to carry

fits everywhere

The use of a holographic fabric requires a certain darkness, so it is the ideal solution for the stage, whether it is shows or conferences, but also for permanent or ephemeral exhibitions

guaranteed impact

The hologram always surprises and amazes as much, you are sure to create a wow effect by diffusing in hologram on a holographic fabric everything you want including people

This technology is particularly suitable for shows and events, there are several ways to set up the logistics in order to create an optimal effect, the diagram below details these possibilities: 


It is important to choose the orientation of the projector and its position in relation with the audience and the fabric, in order to avoid on one hand blinding the audience and on the other hand a duplication of the image on a possible background of the room behind the fabric, like a stage background for example, an effect which would interfere with the perception of the image by the audience

It should also be noted that for a perfect rendering you need a very powerful projector (7000 lumens or more), because the technology that creates the holopix-gauze's transparency requires a strong source of light to capture the image and project it in the best way.

Nos prestations

Sale of holographic fabric and projector if you wish

Assistance in the design of your custom project, advice, follow-up, recommendations etc

Creation of your video file to broadcast in hologram on your holographic fabric

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