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HOLOPIX DISPLAY - Holographic showcase

Reception area, trade show, point of sale etc
Create holograms in all circumstances


premium products, mix of virtual and real

The holographic showcases can have different shapes depending on the viewing angle they offer. They can be at 180°, 270° or 360°. They display a holographic animation in their center. This animation is generated by a projection process on the walls of the showcase which act as a prism and reflect the image in the center of it. The effect is very realistic and perfectly simulates a hologram. 

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easy to use

Our holographic display cases are very easy to set up. Once the video is in a USB stick, connect it to the display case and the animation starts 

fits everywhere

Space-saving they can be placed anywhere, on any flat surface.

Totally autonomous they work with a simple electrical outlet and in all light conditions

impact garanti

The hologram always surprises and amazes, you are sure to create a wow effect by diffusing your logo, your products or a holographic animation around a real product.

There are basically two ways to highlight a product through the holopix display:

  • We create a virtual 3D animation featuring the product, giving free rein to the customer's imagination so that the product can be enhanced as much as possible, knowing that a simple rotating image that allows the customer to see the product from all angles already gives a spectacular result. 

  • We place the physical product in the center of the pyramid and we create an animation around it. It is possible, for example, to display flames, beams of light or other elements around it, to create a related universe.

Our hologram showcases are available in many sizes and are fully customizable to fit the colors of the brand's product that is being presented, it is also possible to create personalized furniture to accommodate the pyramid so that everything is totally coherent. The possibilities are limitless.

Ideal for presenting products with high added value such as high tech appliances, perfume bottles, jewelry or watches, bottles of premium alcohol etc, the hologram showcase will find its place in sales outlets or at trade shows.

All our devices conform to CE standards and have a 1 year warranty.



Each of our models is characterized mainly by a viewing angle and a size expressed in inches


The perspective corresponds to the possibilities offered by the display case:

  • 180° models only have one wall and can only be viewed from the front

  • 270° models have 3 walls and can be viewed from 3 different sides

  • 360° models have 4 walls and can be viewed from all angles

The sizes, expressed in inches, correspond to the size of the screen which is reflected on the wall of the window.


180° (4).jpg


270° (8).jpg



Features common to all models:

  • Colours: 16.7M

  • Lifespan: more than 50,000 hours

  • Control: remote control

  • Input sources: SD, USB, HDMI

  • Accepted formats: AVI, MP4, DIV, TS, TRP, MKV, MPG, MPG1, MPG2

  • Power supply: 220V - 50/60 Hz -

  • Maximum consumption: 180W

Main duties

  • Play continuously one or more videos in a row

  • Fast forward and rewind, pause, stop, navigate between videos

  • Sound playback, volume adjustment, mute

  • Programming start and stop

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