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Points of sale, airports, stations, luxury
Signage, premium demo

The transparent LED is a solution that presents itself in the form of flexible or rigid panels that will be assembled together to create a custom screen in terms of size and format. The pitch of this screen will be voluntarily important enough to allow a sufficient spacing of the LEDs and thus guarantee the transparency of the set-up.

The use of transparent LED is ideal for shop window animation or the creation of pop up stores. The combination of a media distribution medium and transparency produces a unique effect in terms of signage.

There are several types of transparent LED panels : 

  • Rigid panels that join together and form the structure themselves

  • Flexible panels that stick to a transparent surface

easy to use

Transparent LED screens easily assemble and connect together to form a larger screen. Adhesive screens easily stick to any transparent glass or plexiglas wall, rigid screens are assembled thanks to a simple structure to mount

ideal for signage

Whether it is for a point of sale, offices or places receiving the public, transparent LED screens can transform any transparent surface into a diffusion space while maintaining the fact that one can see through.

guaranteed impact

The hologram and transparency always surprise and amaze as much, you are guaranteed to create a wow effect by diffusing in hologram or 3D on transparent LED screens, everything you want including people

Choose the spacing of the LEDs on your panels and create a custom screen that will perfectly fit your surfaces, then drive it through a computer to broadcast the content you want and change it as often as you want.

Our services

Sale per m² per panel that can be cut lengthwise, all-inclusive system with the computer management module
The panels stick or assemble very easily

Assistance in the design of your custom project, advice, follow-up, recommendations etc

Installation of your transparent LED screen by our technicians and training in their use


Creation of your video file to broadcast on your transparent LED screen

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