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Logo projector ​

Outlets, restaurants, luxury, institutions, industry 
Trade shows - signage, reception, events

Gopopix is a range of gobo projectors that can be used to project a logo, text or any other graphic representation on the ground or on a vertical surface. There are several models depending on the conditions in which it will be used (indoor, outdoor, ambient light, projection distance etc.). We take care of creating the lens with your design (logo or other graphic representation of your choice) that we will engrave with a laser and then insert it into your projector. The gobopix range offers many options such as rotation, logo, dynamic animations or multi-logo mode. You will find all the information on this page. 

Interested in renting this ​
for an event?

easy to use

Our logo projectors are very easy to attach to the ceiling, the floor or any vertical wall with 2 screws thanks to their foot designed for, they are very easily oriented too and can even be controlled remotely with a remote control. Changing the gobo is very easy too, so you can change your projections over time

fits everywhere

Our range of projectors is very wide, you will find many effects, all possible powers depending on the bright environment you have, they can go indoors or outdoors, it is possible to choose the size of the projection you want, you can leave them visible or embed them in your false ceiling. It is even possible to adapt them in three-phase for industrial use

guaranteed impact

A projection is much more effective and impactful than any panel or sticker. Surprise your customers with a projection of your logo or a welcome message, improve your signage with a projection on the ground instead of a sticker that damages in time.

Some of the more common uses include:

  • Restaurants, pubs, bars

  • Nightclubs

  • Stores (perfumery, jewelry store, high tech)

  • Showrooms

All our devices conform to CE standards and have a 1 year warranty.

What is a gobo logo projector?

The word GOBO comes from the English GOes Before Optic, it designates the laser engraved lens that will be placed between the projector's lamp and the optics that will allow the image to be magnified. A gobo logo projector is composed of two distinct elements: 

  • The projector itself, whose characteristics can be chosen according to the use you want to do with it

  • The lens (or lenses in the case of a multi-logo projection) that we will custom create with the graphic elements that will be provided



  • Power from 15 to 40W

  • IP20 standard

  • Optional Rotation

  • Optional embedded

  • Warranty 2 years

  • 50 000 continuous hours 

  • Optional remote control


  • Power from 30 to 700W

  • IP65 standard

  • Rotation 

  • Warranty 2 yeras

  • 50 000 continuous hours

  • Optional remote control


4 gobo.jpg
  • Power from 30 to 700W

  • IP65 standard

  • From 4 to 8 gobos

  • Warranty 2 ans

  • 50 000 continuous hours

  • Optional remote control


  • Power from 30 to 700W

  • IP65 standard

  • Warranty 2 years

  • 50 000 continuous hours

  • Remote control

  • Many possible effects

    • static rotatif​

    • color change

    • wave effect

    • multi rotatif

    • etc ... (ask us)


Creation of your custom gobo

What is called gobo is the lens that will be placed in the projector, the gobo is laser engraved on glass, it can represent your logo or any other graphic representation of your choice.

We take charge of creating your gobos for our projectors or for projectors you already have

gobo intersport.jpg
logo V1.jpeg
gobo divan.jpg

Our services

Custom engraving of your gobos

Send us your files (logo, text or other)

Tell us the diameter of your gobo and/or the model of your projector

We will make your gobos on laser engraved

You want to make a gobo but you have no file, no problem, our graphic studio supports the creation of your logos,
design and texts

We present you a BAT of your gobo and after validation we realize it

The price of your gobo will depend on:

  • Gobo outside diameter

  • Number of colors (1, 2, 3 or full color)

Choosing the right gobo projector

To choose the right gobo projector, here are the questions to ask:

Will you place your gobo projector indoors or outdoors?

For outdoor use it will be necessary to opt for a device with the standard IP65

How far do you want to project?

The distance will affect the size of the logo, so you can reason in terms of distance to choose the power of your gobo projector or in terms of size you want to get, we are here to advise you on this.

With which angle do you want to project?

Example if you project against a wall and the gobo projector is facing this wall, the projection angel is 0°, if you project to the floor diagonally, the projection angle may be higher. Beyond 30° the image will be distorted

Do you want to embed your projector?

For indoor use only, it is possible to embed your gobo projector in a false ceiling. Below our recessed model, on the left a photo of the rendering, on the right a photo of gobo projector mounted on rack so not recessed to see the difference

Do you want effects?

Some of our logo projectors offer options to create special effects, he there are: 


Designing a gobo lens correctly

Once you have a clear idea of the type of projector you need you now need to design the gobo lens and again there are some questions to ask yourself.

  • How many colors do you want?

You can choose from 1 to 3 colors from the palette below or choose four-color (see examples below on the right)

color selection.jpg
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