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Holopix display, how the holographic showcase works

  • What is it?

The holopix display, holographic pyramid, or holographic showcase is a device for projecting video content with a result that simulates holographic technology. The glass pyramid-shaped display case shows an image in its center that seems to float in the air. It is possible to use this device with a 3D animation alone or with a physical object placed in the center of the pyramid around which the 3D animation is set up. The interest is mainly to enhance a rather high-end product.

  • How does it work ?

The technology used is quite simple but allows an amazing result. It is in fact a prism phenomenon, the video is read by a screen located in the cover of the shell of the device, above the glass pyramid and directed downwards. The image of the object is reproduced under 3 different points of view for the holopix display 270°. Thus on the same video we see the object reproduced or the animation from the front, from the right side and from the left side (we can also say from the south, the east and the west). It is therefore a question of placing 3 different cameras in these precise directions when creating the animation or 3D modeling of the object.

The pyramid then acts as a prism. The image is reflected in its walls which, thanks to their inclination, give the impression that it is in the center of the pyramid, hence the shape of the window.

Here is an example of how it looks :

Result of ring from the front (south)

Result of ring from the left side (west)

screenshot of the video that produces this result

  • What is it for ?

The hologram display is used above all to highlight a product. In the same way as a traditional display, putting an object under glass immediately gives it a certain standing. The luxury industry has understood this and jewelry, watches or other premium objects are all presented under a display. It is obvious that an object that has an individual display is all the more valued compared to the others.

We have also seen this trend appear in the field of high-tech and particularly with cell phones, which are becoming more than useful objects, they are becoming products of social value, even luxury products, for instance, with the phones developed by the brand Vertu.

The holopix display already serves this function, its glass and metal finishes make it a standing presentation support, it should be noted that a small lamp located at the top of the pyramid makes it possibly to light up the product placed in the center of the display, the plunging lighting effect adds to the luxury side of the development of the object. A black velvet texture covers the bottom of the display, producing a casket effect specific to high-end products. But it is obvious that the added value of the holopix display is not in its design or its finishes, even if they have been studied to the best of our ability. Once the object is placed in the center of the display, the whole effect is based on the 3D animation that will take place around it and at this level, the only limit is the imagination.

It is possible to make other things appear : objects, effects (flames, water, ice ...) text information, characters ... everything that can be created with a 3D animation software. The idea is to enhance the product with a dynamic animation that will attract attention, intrigue but also convey the values of the object, give information or simply be aesthetic.

Here is an example set up by the Hublot brand:

Another example for the Panasonic Lumix camera:

It is of course possible to use the holographic display as a pure POS support without necessarily having to place an object inside. It then becomes a decorative design object that will attract the public's attention. The digital creation of an object and its animation, if it is perfectly identifiable, can also be a way to enhance it in another way by making it evolve in an environment that conveys its values.

Here, for example, Rolex chose to present its Daytona watch only through a 3D animation, the physical object is not present.

  • Customization :

It is possible to personalize the cover of the holopix display. The holopix display can be customized with the brand logo of the product being displayed or with a more elaborate graphic design in line with the campaign presented by the device. The holopix display can thus be completely integrated into the marketing approach. It can thus become one with its product and its message and becomes one of the most effective and innovative POS materials.

  • Variations :

There are many variations to the holopix display, first of all you have to consider the viewing angle. The display presented here offers a 270° view, which means that the animation is visible on 3 sides (front, right and left) thus under 3 different angles, but that the bottom of the display is full. It includes a trap door that allows you to place a physical object in the center of the pyramid to be able to animate it graphically afterwards. There are different display sizes, the choice will depend on the size of the product and the effect you want to create. For an object such as a jewel or a watch, the 21.5" model is enough, but if it's a premium bottle of alcohol for example, you'll have to consider a larger model.

Here is a table summarizing the different sizes available:

There are also variations in terms of viewing angle that we have chosen not to present on our site but that we can have according to your needs.

180° holographic display, one side view

We do not present this product because it seems to us that the interest of a hologram is to be able to see it under different angles. It seems to us moreover less aesthetic than its big sister with 270°. However it can present advantages in term of cost for the presentation of a product.

180° holographic display

360° holographic display, 4 viewing angles back, front, left and right

We do not present this product because the interest of the holographic display is essentially to animate graphically a physical product, but such a product must be presented from the front, its back is often not very attractive (watch, telephone), moreover it lets appear the display which supports it, and finally the animation of the back of the product is more judicious it differs from the remainder, which enormously complicates the creation of the numerical contents. However for a presentation all digital without physical product or for a specific need it is a product that presents advantages.

360° holographic display

360° holographic display in inverted pyramid

This is another way to apply the holographic simulation technology of this kind of device. Here only the design of the support changes, but this inevitably influences the final result. We have chosen not to put this product forward because it seems less valuable to us than the others, the audience can see the screen and the video that it is displayed on it what makes the product lose the magic side of the hologram. However, this remains a question of taste and also of use. It is quite possible for us to meet the demands concerning this type of material.

Inverted holographic pyramid

  • Usage examples :

The possibilities for using the holopix display are endless, from the moment you create digital content alone or around a physical product. Here are some examples of what we can imagine:

Highlighting an electronic component: on an all-digital animation, we can see this component in all its forms and see it inserted into other media to make its use clear.

Highlighting a jewel: the physical product is placed in the center of the display and animations are linked around the jewel, such as information on the number of carats of the stone, light effects, information on the creator etc...

Promotion on a cell phone: the physical object is again in the center of the pyramid, a Christmas animation with reindeer, sleigh and Santa Claus takes shape around the phone, 3D text announces the promotions related to the period etc. ...

Presentation of a perfume bottle: The bottle is in the center of the display, butterflies fly around, flowers grow all along the bottle and then disappear, a real microcosm comes to life sending to the viewer into the perfume's world...

Thus, we can see that the holopix display is the ideal presentation device for a certain category of products, in addition to the possibilities it offers, it is sure to produce a powerful impact on the viewer who will not be able to pass by the product presented without noticing it.


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