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Graphic and video creation

Graphic design, video editing, 3D modeling and Animation, holographic content

The content displayed on our hologram simulation supports requires a particular know-how. Indeed, even if our devices can play any type of video or photo file, it is interesting to exploit them at the maximum of their potential by producing 3D contents which allow the most realistic illusion possible. An image without depth or an unsuited video will give a result close to what a traditional screen can do. 

Our studio can nevertheless carry out any type of graphic and video work, from design to the creation of logos through video editing. Our prices are carefully studied and very competitive, ask us for a quote and compare with the competition, you will be surprised!!

graphic design

Our teams are at your disposal for the realization of all your graphic works, brochures, flyers, logos, layout etc 
any possible format: AI, PDF, in design 

video editing

Provide us with your rush and we will offer you a video biker of dynamic quality and in accordance with what you want to transmit. Our teams work fast and well and will save you a lot of time

3D modeling and animation

Our studio is among others specialized in 3D modeling and animation, We create your holographic content according to your brief but also any other 3D animation according to what you want at prices and in extremely competitive times.

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