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  • Who are we ?
    The company Absolut Art was created in 2013, its vocation is to help its customers to enhance their image through various very current vectors of communication centered on new technologies. Based in Andorra, an ideal central location to reach our two main markets which are Spain and French-speaking Europe, we also have a showroom in Avignon in the south of France We offer innovative and impactful communication media, allowing you to really stand out from the competition while conveying a very modern image. We mainly work on 2 types of products: the video brochure: signage and holographic animation:
  • Where are holopix products made?
    Our hologram broadcast products are made in China for several reasons: - This country is at the forefront of technological advances in this type of product - The competitiveness of this country has no equal in the world on the hologram market - Responsiveness and Chinese know-how allows us to display the best prices as soon as possible with high quality products. - The efficiency of our carriers (DHL, UPS) makes the delivery process almost as fast as if the products left France (5 days from factory departure to arrival at your premises) - We have a close relationship with our Chinese factory, communication is smooth and trust is built - Our factory masters all the standards required by Europe (CE, ISO ...)
  • Do holopix products comply with European standards?
    Yes, all our products comply with CE standards, a certificate is provided to the customs administration when the product enters European territory and is available to you if you wish.
  • Can we personalize the products offered by holopix?
    Yes, the holopix display is completely customizable in terms of its shell, you can choose its color, add your logo, text or any other element you wish. The Helipix is not customizable because it is invisible at the time of its use, only its content counts, it is however possible to choose its basic color between black or white, depending on the support on which you wish to fix it . The holographic content for both types of products will of course be custom made by us or provided by you and can be integrated into your devices at the time of production. You will receive them ready to use.
  • How is an order made with holopix?
    The ordering process is done in several steps, the details of which are as follows: 1. first contact: you have made a request to us and we respond by email with all the details you need. We then contact you by telephone to ensure that you have received the items sent and to provide you with more details if necessary. 2. Quote: following the study of the first elements, you have been able to specify your request and we will send you a precise quote, including the delivery of your products and any additional costs (import procedure, etc.) 3. Deposit: in order to validate your order, we ask you for a deposit, depending on the total amount of the order 4. Production: upon receipt of the deposit, we begin manufacturing your products. For some we may have stock, the process will then be faster, we will let you know. If you have opted for personalization of your holopix products (holopix display) we will begin production upon receipt of the graphic elements. 5. Shipping: Depending on the nature of your order and the volume, we will have offered you different types of freight at the time of the quote. as soon as the production is finished we will proceed with the shipment followed by your order. 6. Customs clearance: as our products are made in China, they will be subject to a customs clearance procedure upon arrival in France. We manage this procedure for you, you just have to let yourself be guided 7. Delivery: At the time of delivery, make sure with our carrier that the goods are in perfect condition. If not, don't accept it. 8. Balance: Once the goods have been received and checked, you can pay us the balance of your order and let us know your opinion on your products and the service that we have added to them, hoping that you will be 100% satisfied.
  • What are the terms of payment?
    Once you are ready to place an order, you will be asked for a deposit to validate it definitively, which will depend on the total amount of this one, it will be announced to you at the time of the final estimate. The balance will be requested on delivery, once you have received the goods and ensured that they are in perfect condition.
  • How to create the holograms that will be broadcast by your holopix devices?
    The creation of the content that will be broadcast by your holographic devices is essential, it is this content that will give all its interest to the device. We support custom content creation based on your needs and projects. Our advisors will guide you to make the most of the possibilities of our machines and produce the best results in terms of attractiveness, impact and enhancement of your products or information. If you want to create your content yourself, it's possible, but you will need to master animation and 3D modeling techniques. Your holopix advisor will explain how to insert content into the memory of your devices
  • What are the production times?
    Production times vary greatly depending on the nature of the products and the volume of the order. For the helipix, we generally have stock, so shipping can occur very quickly after payment of the deposit. For the holopix display, the product being customizable, it is made to order. It takes about 3/4 weeks to manufacture for 1 holopix display. In all cases, you will be given an estimate of the time when placing your order.
  • What are the delivery times ?
    For an order up to a certain volume, our products are delivered by air freight, through an international carrier (DHL, UPS). It takes about 5 days from our factory in China to your premises. Please note, however, that the customs administration may decide to carry out a thorough inspection of your parcels, it is a random and unpredictable procedure. In this case it may delay delivery by 2 days. From a certain order volume, delivery by boat will become more attractive in terms of budget. This will of course be specified to you before placing this order. The cost is certainly more advantageous than air freight but the delays are much longer. They will be of the order of 1 month and a half. We will let you know of this possibility if necessary and you can choose the mode of transport that suits you best
  • Are holopix devices guaranteed?
    Yes, all of our products come with a 1 year warranty. In the event of a problem, contact your holopix adviser, he will conduct an audit by telephone with you to identify the fault. If it cannot be repaired, your device will be replaced.
  • How do I maintain holopix devices?
    The products in the holopix range do not require any special maintenance. They are electrical devices in the same way as a computer. So all you have to do is keep in mind the usual precautions: - Do not store your holopix devices in a damp place - Operate them at room temperature between 0 and 40° - Holopix devices are not made to operate outdoors - Avoid splashing water on the devices - Do not disassemble your devices, in case of failure, contact us - Regularly clean your devices to remove dust with a dry cloth - Do not operate the on/off switches too frequently in a short period of time. HELIPIX: Make sure that nothing can come into contact with the propeller blades during operation. If the helipix is accessible, opt for the optional protective cover to protect it. HOLOPIX DISPLAY: protect the device from shocks and for optimal use, keep the windows as clean as possible.
  • Consulting quality charter
    Your satisfaction is our first concern, we have developed a set of processes focused on this objective: COMPETITIVENESS: we are in constant negotiation with our suppliers to be able to offer you the lowest prices on the market, without however conceding on the quality of our products. Compare! if you find cheaper elsewhere we will match* QUALITY: we make sure that our products are the best in terms of quality, we have tested them, we have made sure of the origin of the components and the seriousness of our suppliers. If, despite everything, you are not satisfied with our products, we are at your disposal to find solutions. ADVICE: our greatest added value. Your holopix advisor is there to listen to you, understand your needs and formulate a tailor-made solution that is perfectly suited to them. FOLLOW-UP: you will have a single point of contact who will follow you throughout the ordering process and who will then provide your after-sales service if necessary. Your holopix advisor will have taken the time to get to know you and you will get to know them. He will be at your disposal at all times. SATISFACTION: this is our watchword and we will do everything to make it yours! * any company located on European soil, for a product displaying the same specificities and on presentation of the estimate
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